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Tomoo Gokita
Born in 1969 in Tokyo.


Book Design Satoshi Suzuki
Dimensions 200mm x 148 mm / 784P
Cover Softcover / Packaged in box
Year 2018
ISBN 978-4-908439-03-2
Publisher 888books


777 pieces of drawings that were created in between 2006 to 2015 collected into one huge book over five centimeters thick: one drawing per page.


Tomoo Gokita is one of the great artists to represent the contemporary art scene today with passionate fans from worldwide. Last year, he had a solo exhibit at established gallery, Mary Boone Gallery in USA, and also had a large scale exhibit at Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art in Japan. Works on canvas using gouache with effective use of gradation show Gokita at his best, but equally, his drawings depicting various images from pop culture, pro-wrestling, horror films, and geometric patterns show his true strength as an artist. Over recent years, these drawing have been exhibited in groups, but in this book, they are presented in the format of one drawing per page. This is his book of drawings in 15 years since the last drawing book, Lingerie Wrestling (Little More) came out in 2000.


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