ANNA NORDSTRÖM "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself"


「The Power of Positive Thinking」

H205 x W160 cm, Patchwork, 2018

amala is pleased to present "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself", a solo exhibition by Anna Nordström.

The patchwork ”the Power of positive thinking” is cited from the title of a self-help book. "As I think it puts too much responsibility on the individual, without focusing enough on the political structures and the society. If you are an underpaid nurse who is struggling with stress and a horrible work situation, Maybe a self-help book on mindfulness won’t help you, Maybe you need more colleagues, more salary and better employment conditions? That’s politics, just not a personal problem to that specific nurse." 

Seeing from the universal perspective, she develops a clear sense of direction and explores the creative approach with humor to visualizing the problems.

* * *

In her work Nordström utilizes a wide range of textile techniques, mainly patchwork, quilting and embroidery. The traditional, or more common ways of creating are modified to concern thoughts on work, labour, status, value and (lack of) professionalism.

The expression of the materials play an important part and are chosen based on specific qualities and con- notations. Often purchased on sale, often saying something about femininity.

Nordström is one of the founding members of Den Nya Kvinnogruppen (The New Womens Group), a col- lective consisting of six artists that do workshops, seminars and exhibitions exploring materiality, tactility and feminist strategies.

Swedish artist Anna Nordström exposes social, commercial and political structures in contemporary popular culture by merging worlds of sensitivity and mass production. Working with textile as her main material her works are in direct contrast to the images of corporate logos, advertisements and self-help books which function as the artistic starting point of her practise. Her child-like aesthetic accentuates the irony in which she treats her work and preserves the un- predictability and improvisation between work and viewer.

Nordströms work is a handmade image divided into pixels. Looking with the naked eye it is hard to make sense from the text but looking through the screen of your cameraphone the pixels fall in to place and reveal the message.


Anna Nordström
b. 1984 Gävle, Sweden. Educated at Konstfack, Stockholm and MICA, Baltimore.

Selected Exhibitions
2018 Happy For No Reason, Galleri Krets, Malmö
2018 Happy For No Reason, Hangmen projects, Stockholm

2018 Happy For No Reason (in the digital age), Hälsinglands Museum, Hudiksvall 2014 Professional Feelings, Länsmuseet Gävleborg
2012 Slöjd Mix <3, Hamrånge Hembygdsförening

2012 Made In Home Office, IDKA, Gävle

2018 Hunger, TSSK, Trondheim, Norway
2018 Chart Art & Design, Curio Trans-Act, Copenhagen
2018 Fruit Salad, Crum Heaven, Stockholm
2017 Vertigo, Hilde Gallery, Los Angeles USA

2017 NormForm, ArkDes, Stockholm
2017 Textile Subtitles, Malmö Konstmuseum
2017 Örnsbergsauktionen, Stockholm
2016 Textile Subtitles, Marabouparken, Stockholm
2016 Summershow, Hangmen Projects, Stockholm

2016 The Dry Delicate, duoshow with Cecilia Hultman, Hangmen projects, Stockholm 2015 Örnsbergsauktionen 2015, Japan
2014 Örnsbergsauktionen, Stockholm


The New Women’s Group
Den Nya Kvinnogruppen
Since 2013
Founding Members:
Åsa Norman, Malena Norlin, Kakan Hermansson, Anna Nordström, Hilda Hellström, Evelina Hedin

2017 Please buy my feelings, Young Art, Stockholm
2016 Keep in Touch, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö
2015 Can’t Wait, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum
2015 Radical Friendship, Gustavsbergs Konsthall
2014 Så därför kom vi hit/That’s why we came, Verkstad- Rum för konst, Norrköping
2014 Is it something You Hate, Speak Now, Fullersta Gård, Huddinge
2012 DNK Premiere, Minibar Artspace, Stockholm


"What To Say When You Talk To Yourself"
FEB 2 SAT - MAR 17 SUN 2019

Curator : Linette Nilsson

Sat, Sun : 2 PM - 7 PM
Mon, Tue, Fri : 10 AM - 3 PM

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